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The Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for people on multiple daily insulin injections

Guardian Connect – Helps you with your continuous glucose monitoring 就爱加速官网 app


If you use Multiple Daily Injections (MDI) to manage your diabetes, Guardian™ Connect can help you to stay on top of it all.

As we know diabetes can be difficult to manage at times, some days you don’t have any issues at all. Other days no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work. It’s on days like these that the Guardian Connect app can make all the difference. Check your glucose level anywhere, anytime and without extra finger pricks. Just one quick look at your mobile phone and you will know whether you are within your target range, as well as whether your glucose levels are on their way up, or down. What can be more convenient and easy than simply checking your phone?

Guardian Connect is the clearly smarter way to stay ahead of highs and lows. The Guardian Connect transmitter measures your sensor glucose and sends this directly to your compatible device every 5 minutes (that's 288 times a day!). In addition to tracking your sensor glucose level, you can quickly and easily make important notes on your fingerstick glucose readings, meals and snacks, insulin doses and activity such as exercise so you can see what effect this has on your levels.

A quick glimpse at your screen will let you know your current sensor glucose level and where it’s heading. But there’s more.  Setting up alerts is easy and gives you the confidence to get on with your day knowing you’ll be alerted if you start heading towards a low or high.

Guardian Connect uses smart technology to predict when you‘re going too high or low. It’s the only currently available CGM that can alert you about predicted highs and lows anytime from 10 to 60 minutes in advance, right on your smartphone.

It’s also easy to share your levels and readings with your family or friends. They can even receive a text message when you're predicted to drop below. Guardian Connect can help you to feel safe and free up your time to let you focus on enjoying the moment.

Interested? Discover how you can purchase Guardian Connect and save with the subscription plans available from our partner, Pharmed.

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  1. Receive predictive alerts from 10 to 60 minutes before high and low so you can act before it happens
  2. Discretely check your glucose levels just by looking at your iPhone. They are automatically sent every 5 minutes to your mobile phone.
  3. Access your glucose patterns and discover how your daily activities impact your values.
  4. Track your activities, carbs and insulin intake easily.
  5. Enable family or friends to remotely see your glucose values in real time for peace of mind. You can also notify them by SMS in case of hypo events.


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